* 5 Day Martial Law Exercise *


Richard Moore


You heard it here first, that Katrina was an exercise for Martial 
Law. Now we get some confirmation.

We got through Labor Day with no incident, and it turns out that the 
so-called 'False Flag Terror Warning' was a hoax. As part of standard 
PsyOps, we will get false alerts along with real alerts.

One thing we do know is that false-flag ops are usually accompanied 
by parallel exercises, acting as cover for the necessary preparations 
(9/11, 7/7 London bombings, Oklahoma City, etc. etc.)  Hence, Martial 
Law exercises are particularly disturbing.


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NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise
Lee Rogers

The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has just announced 
plans for an anti-terrorism exercise called Vigilant Shield 08. The 
exercise which is slated to run from October 15th to October 20th is 
described as a way to prepare, prevent and respond to any number of 
national crises. The exercise is simply a test case scenario for the 
implementation of martial law. Although the description of the 
exercise is disturbing, USNORTHCOM also announced that they are more 
prepared for a natural disaster and a terrorist attack after they 
used their response to Hurricane Katrina as a test laboratory. During 
Hurricane Katrina, authorities violated the constitutional rights of 
citizens by stealing people's firearms and even relocating people 
against their will. These announcements are incredibly disturbing on 
a number of levels as the nature of Vigilant Shield 08 and the 
admission that Hurricane Katrina was used as a test laboratory shows 
that the government is actively preparing the military and government 
institutions for martial law.

Below is the full press release from USNORTHCOM describing Vigilant 
Shield 08. Also check out the Vigilant Shield 08 fact sheet by 
clicking here.

North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command 
along with U.S. Pacific Command, the Department of Homeland Security 
as well as local, state and other federal responders will exercise 
their response abilities against a variety of potential threats 
during Exercise Vigilant Shield '08, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs 
of Staff-designated, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) 
and U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)-sponsored, and U.S. Joint 
Forces Command-supported Department of Defense exercise for homeland 
defense and defense support of civil authorities missions.

VS-08 will be conducted concurrent with Top Officials 4 (TOPOFF 4), 
the nation's premier exercise of terrorism preparedness sponsored by 
the Department of Homeland Security, and several other linked 
exercises as part of the National Level Exercise 1-08. These linked 
exercises will take place Ocober 15-20 and are being conducted 
throughout the United States and in conjunction with several partner 
nations including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well 
as the Territory of Guam.

VS-08 and National Level Exercise 1-08 will provide local, state, 
tribal, interagency, Department of Defense, and non-governmental 
organizations and agencies involved in homeland security and homeland 
defense the opportunity to participate in a full range of exercise 
scenarios that will better prepare participants to prevent and 
respond to national crises. The participating organizations will 
conduct a multi-layered, civilian-led response to a national crisis.

USNORTHCOM's primary exercise venues for VS-08 include locations in 
Oregon, Arizona and a cooperative venue with USPACOM in the Territory 
of Guam. NORAD's aerospace detection and defense events will take 
place across all the exercise venues, to exercise the ability to 
mobilize resources for aerospace defense, aerospace control, maritime 
warning, and coordination of air operations in a disaster area.

This exercise is clearly a way to prepare government to respond to a 
national crisis with martial law. This announcement also follows a 
number of other news stories that indicate the government is becoming 
more actively prepared for the implementation of martial law.

These stories include the following:

George W. Bush issuing a presidential directive declaring that he is 
a dictator during the case of a national emergency be it a natural 
disaster, a terror attack or any number of crises.

KSLA reporting that members of clergy will be used to convince people 
to submit to government in the case of declare martial law. See the 
video below.

The U.S. Department of Treasury conducting a disaster drill to 
prepare for a potential economic crisis.

In addition to the announcement of Vigilant Shield 08, USNORTHCOM 
also announced that they have been using the lessons learned from 
Hurricane Katrina to better respond to crises. The response to 
Hurricane Katrina was essentially used as a test laboratory to 
implement martial law in a city. People were forced to relocate 
against their will and authorities stole people's firearms in the 
name of safety despite these actions being entirely unconstitutional.


"Hurricane Katrina's impact on this country was unprecedented. There 
are still many of our fellow Americans whose lives still haven't 
returned to normal," said Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of North 
American Aerospace Defense Command and USNORTHCOM. "It will take many 
years for the Gulf Coast to fully recover.

"The United States military was deeply involved in the response to 
the hurricane and subsequent flooding," Renuart said. "While our 
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines helped thousands of people, we 
also learned many lessons."

According to Renuart, USNORTHCOM has been using the lessons learned 
from Katrina to modify plans to respond to both natural disasters and 
potential terrorist actions.

Northern Command also admits in the same article that they have 
pre-scripted mission assignments coordinated with FEMA to implement 
martial law under the pretext of disaster response.


USNORTHCOM is ready to help federal, state and local officials to be 
prepared for a major hurricane and to be successful at conducting 
response operations, if necessary and requested by the primary 
responding agency. Some of the ways these objectives are being 
achieved are:

Through State Engagement programs, USNORTHCOM provides planning 
support to help states prepare for emergencies.

USNORTHCOM and its subordinates, as well as local, state and federal 
partners conduct major disaster exercises to refine processes and 
apply lessons learned.

Working with FEMA, USNORTHCOM has prepared pre-scripted mission 
assignments to accelerate the disaster response process.

USNORTHCOM conducted a major exercise with the National Guard in May 
to refine the interface between the National Guard and DoD.

There is no question that Vigilant Shield 08 is either government 
preparation for the implementation of martial law or a way for 
criminal elements within the government to distract emergency 
responders in order to conduct a false flag terror attack as a 
pretext to actually implement martial law and engage in foreign war. 
On September 11th, 2001 there were drills run by NORAD including 
Vigilant Guardian which served as a way to ensure that there was no 
adequate military response to the hi-jacked planes. A similar 
scenario unfolding with Vigilant Shield is not out of the question.

Vigilant Shield 08 is one of many news stories that indicate that the 
U.S. government is actively preparing for a time when it will become 
necessary to declare martial law. A false flag terror attack like 
another 9/11 or an economic crisis would certainly pave the way for 
the President making such a declaration.

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