35 Vermont Towns Vote for Impeachment


Richard Moore

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35 of the Vermont Towns That Just Voted for Impeachment

March 6 - Vermonters in at least 35 towns passed town meeting resolutions 
calling for the impeachment of George W Bush and Dick Cheney today.

Republican Governor Jim Douglas presided over an impeachment resolution in 
Middlebury that not only laid out the charges against Mr Bush, but spoke 
eloquently about the need to honor the constitution. Gov. Douglas tried to 
prevent a vote on the resolution, but was denied by the citizens,... (more) who 
passed the measure overwhelmingly.

Impeachment resolutions were also passed in Speaker Gaye Symington's town of 
Jericho, and Rep. Peter Welch's town of Windsor.

Several towns saw impeachment votes blocked by moderators' Roberts rules 
maneuvers, despite the objections of the citizens in attendance.

The call for impeachment comes from all corners of the state. Grass roots groups
are organizing independent actions designed to get the state legislature to act 
on an impeachment that is currently stuck in the House judiciary committee. The 
towns, as of 11:15, March 5 are:

Bristol, Middlebury, Richmond, Newfane, Guilford,Vershire, Rochester, 
Westminster, Hartland, Newbury, Dummerston, Johnson, Calais, Grafton, Jericho, 
East Montpelier, Woodbury, Roxbury, Plainfield, Peru, Jamaica, Wilmington, 
Craftsbury, Greensboro, Marlboro, Townshend, Morristown, Montgomery, Putney, 
Tunbridge, Springfield, Sunderland, St. Johnsbury(town meeting survey 71-27), 
Stannard, Burke

Dan Dewalt, S. Newfane VT

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